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December ....

FIRST UP: We have a new date with Helen Garner!!!! (Yes, I'm very, very excited.) The event, with Helen and her friend and fellow author David Kelly, is now scheduled for 5.30 on Saturday, 5 February 2022.

If you find this date doesn't now suit you, we are very sorry - but please contact us. We are happy to refund and re-allocate your ticket - we still have a strong waiting list! We have copies of most of Helen's books available, including of course the latest volume in her diaries series. And just a reminder that for any events at Blarney Books & Art we do require proof of vaccination.

And, as if that wasn't enough news, the 2021 BIBLIO ART EXHIBITION is now open for viewing!

122 works of art from across Australia and New Zealand, each one inspired by a work of contemporary fiction by an Australian author. This is a unique exhibition, now in its 13th year (yes, the Biblio is a teenager now!) ... and as always, it is once again a visual extravaganza of creativity and imagination. Prize winners will be announced on Saturday 11 December. There will be no formal launch event this year, like last year. We'll have a video presentation available online. Our opening hours for the week ahead are: Friday (tomorrow): 2pm-5pm Saturday 11 Dec: 11am - 5pm Sunday 12 Dec: 11am - 5pm Thursday 16 Dec: 11am - 5pm Friday 17 Dec: 11am - 5pm CLOSED BETWEEN 18 December and 28 December for family time. Then open DAILY until the end of January. The Biblio Art Prize exhibition will continue on through to the end of February. Huge thank you to the wonderful people who have supported the Biblio this year: Merrijig Inn & Restaurant (Rainbow prize) RWR McDonald (Rainbow prize) Coffin Sally (Starving Artist prize) Time & Tide Tearooms (Starving Artist Prize) Laughing Halfpenny (Youth Encouragement Award) and the Ashmont Motor Inn for their continued support. Also thanks to Neil at Spectrum Printing for doing a brilliant job with the artist cards and catalogues!

BOB HANDBY EVENT Our event next Friday with Bob Handby has booked out. Perhaps we can invite him back for a second event in the new year sometime! Please let us know if you've booked and can't make it - there are people who would love to be able to come. We have plenty of copies of his book - you are welcome to reserve one or collect one before the event.

Meanwhile, the Canham clan would like to wish you all the best of the season, and thank you so much for your support over the years. We are so grateful we made the decision to put down roots in this little town 17 years ago. (In January Blarney Books & Art turns 17. Hard to believe, but true. How should we celebrate?) xxx Jo

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