Biblio Art Prize 2021

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Established in 2009, the Biblio Art Prize enters its 13th year in 2021. 

Artists enter the competition by submitting a one-off payment of $25. When we receive that payment, they are allocated a book title. That title will be a pre-selected work of fiction by an Australian author. The artist will then read the book, and finally create an artwork inspired by it. The actual book can be obtained from any source - it is not required that you purchase the book from Blarney Books & Art. It can be borrowed from the library. The point is that the book informs the artwork. The other point is that we are supporting Australian authors who have had impacted sales due to the Covid situation.

Artists from anywhere around the world are eligible to enter. We encourage all artists to enter - from amateur to professional, young and old. All mediums.

Artists have from the date of entry to end of October to complete their works. From the images submitted in November, a selection will be made for our Summer exhibition. From those exhibited, the Grand Prize will be selected by independent judges, as well as a raft of other prizes.


The Blarney Books & Art Grand Prize sits at $2000, and we have a range of further prizes from our wonderful sponsors! We'll be updating the prize list as we go.

To receive your allocated book, ENTER HERE


The Watermen by Anne Miller (Penola, SA)

inspired by Wolfe Island by Lucy Treloar

Grand Prize Winner 2020