Grand Prize (non-acquisitive) of $3000

$1000 Storyteller's Award

$1000 for People's Choice

$500 for the Youth Award

These prizes are all offered by Blarney Books & Art with no sponsorship.

If you or your company would like to sponsor a prize, please contact us.

Artists are invited to submit works, in any medium, that respond to the book which they will be allocated on submitting their entry fee. Books will be pre-selected from Australian novels which have been published since March 2020 (the onset of Covid), as a way of offering our support and solidarity for our homegrown writers and especially those who have missed out on launches and events due to lockdowns/restrictions.


Artists source the book they are allocated on paying their submission fee - books can be borrowed from the library, or purchased from a local bookseller - then read it, and interpret it through an artwork using any medium. We encourage artists to really engage with the story and try to create a meaningful representation of the work. We believe that books and art go together hand in hand. Artworks cannot exceed the size restriction of one metre squared.

Selected artworks (not more than 50) will be invited to be a part of our Summer Exhibition, which is peak tourist time for Port Fairy, giving lots of people a chance to view the show! All works must be for sale. We will also be ensuring the exhibition is completely available to view online.  

Additional 2021 Prizes

  • yet to be announced

Key dates

  • IMAGES of artworks ONLY to arrive via online submission forms by 31 October.

  • Emails sent out to artists selected for exhibition in early November.

  • SELECTED artworks to arrive at Blarney Books & Art by the end of November.

  • Judging: December 2021.

  • Exhibition dates: December 2021 – February 2022. 


Is this prize open to people outside the local area?

Yes, the Biblio is in fact an international competition, however the bulk of our participants are from all over Australia and New Zealand.

How long is this competition open for entries?

As we require images of artworks at the end of October, we're keeping the competition open for entries until the start of October. Some artists are fast readers/workers, others need more time.


Are book titles unique to each artist?

As we are trying to raise the awareness of the books and spirits of the authors who have published in the last 12 months, any book title drawn from the hat is returned to the hat for a chance at redraw, so there is a fairly reasonable chance that another artist will be allocated the title you have received. All books in the hat have a good chance of being represented by at least one artist, and if several works are completed using the same title, that will make for interesting viewing!


Is this prize open to children?

Absolutely. This prize is open to everyone. Persons under 18 are not required to pay the entry fee, and they are still eligible for (a) selection in the exhibition and (b) all prize categories if selected.

After I've paid my entry fee, when do I receive my book title?

We try to send out emails within 48 hours of receiving an entry fee. If you haven't received an email from us within the week, please check your junk file first. (This has already happened more than once.) If no luck, please send us a polite email and let us know you're still waiting.


Will my work be part of the exhibition?

We will be selecting not more than 70 pieces for the exhibition over summer. More than that, it becomes a bit unwieldy. We may run a concurrent online exhibition of works not included in the physical exhibition.


Can I enter a 3D work?

Yes, absolutely. Any medium is welcome. The works just need to meet the size criteria of not greater than 100cm x 100cm x 100cm.

Is this like a visual book review?

No. Fortunately you don't have to love your book. Everyone responds to a book differently. We want to see an artwork inspired by your book - it could be inspired by the story, by an image in the book, by the cover of the book, by what the book made you think about. It's not a critique of the book, unless you really want it to be so. As long as you can explain your connection between book and artwork, we're happy. 

Should I share my work or my allocated book title on social media?

We would love it if you would share your allocated books - we are focusing on Australian authors who have published books since March 2020, given that this period hasn't been a great one for birthing a book baby. Any publicity these authors can get this year will be appreciated! And we'd also love to see some progress shots of your work! 

Who selects the works to be exhibited?

There is a panel of three people who work behind the scenes in November selecting the works. There's a fair amount of arguing over pieces, but also much joy to be had in the process! 

Who are the Judges of the Biblio Art Prize this year?

This is currently TOP SECRET info and we'll release the names closer to the time.


Will the opening night event be affected by Covid?

It's a bit hard to make that call yet. We would hope that it could be a launch event like others, but only time can tell with that. We are currently researching alternative launch presentations, in the event that this is required. 

I would like to sponsor this exciting competition - how do I go about that?

Please contact us by email -! We'd love to hear from more sponsors - every little bit helps!