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Helen Garner & Carol Altmann sporting their blue overalls!

The evening Helen Garner came to speak at Blarney Books & Art was a total career highlight for us! She was gracious and charming, witty and wise, and just everything you'd hope from such an insightful writer. Carol Altmann, of Bluestone Magazine, was the perfect host for the evening - her humour relaxed the audience, and gave Helen an avenue to speak about her work that wasn't all so serious. Her latest book, Everywhere I Look, is such a wonderful and wide-ranging collection of her writing that the conversation veered off in all sorts of unexpected and delightful directions. If you haven't read her book yet, I implore you to go and get yourself a copy - her writing, her honesty, her ability to look and really see, all go to making it one of the best books I've read for years.

The evening was made even more special with spectacular catering by the wonderful Merrijig kitchen, and with a killer floral arrangement by Tracey Meaney. This whole night was brought together by Bluestone Magazine, and we look forward to working with Bluestone on more magical evenings in the future!

Helen Garner & Carol Altmann in conversation at Blarney Books & Art

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