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BIBLIO-ART 2017: Prize Winners

"The oblique relationship between image and text draws the viewer into an exercise in constructing meaning." (Blanshard)

Our guest judge for 2017 was Sam McCaw, who is herself an artist, a publisher (The TimeKeeper's Assistant), a scholar and a modern-day philosopher. Sam enjoyed the challenge of dissecting the Biblio-Art 2017. She used the following questions to guide her decision in finding the winning entry (in this year's case, entries):

1. How well does the work satisfy the brief set?

2. How well does the work meet the artist's statement?

3. How well does the visual / textual conversation work?

4. How well does the work extend the conversation into the wider contemporary sphere?

Congratulations from all of us at Blarney Books & Art to the following TWO artists who share the $2000 Grand Prize:

PETA LLOYD (Qld) for "The Wild Wood".

Inspired by The Wind in the Willows.

Peta's artist statement: The book The Wind in the Willows by Kenneth Grahame, has always been a favourite of mine. I called my house Toad Hall. I like to imagine that Ratty, Mole and Badger live within our own little version of the ‘wild wood’. I, of course, live with that lovable character from the book called Toad!

PENELOPE LAWRY (NSW) for "Exodus".

Inspired by Notes on an Exodus - an essay by Richard Flanagan.

Penelope's artist statement: Black and red, the colours of the children escaping the Syrian conflict. A starting point to begin conveying some insights into individual stories on the journey from Syria, to Lebanon, Greece and Serbia as told by Richard and Ben on a World Vision visit. When given coloured crayons to draw their experiences they selected black - ISIS removed all colour - and the red representing blood. Europe offered the prospect of colour. The three prints of this piece represent some of their stories. The fragility of their tents and temporary homes was the motivation for the structure of the prints presentation.


For the Under 18 Youth Award, the winner is:

CODI LOADER (Vic) for "A Look into the Words of Game of Thrones"

Based on The Game of Thrones

I've drawn the scenes and characters from the book within the section that resonated with me. I like seeing the words and pictures blend. I have glued together the pages in between and I like the look of it. There are 11 images in the book.

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