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About a Girl

Rebekah Robertson and Georgie Stone are appearing at Blarney Books on Monday, 9 September at 7.30pm. They are currently all over the media as Rebekah launches her memoir 'About a girl', published by Penguin, where she courageously opens up her life, and the lives of her family members, to shed (perhaps a guiding) light on what it means to deal with the challenge of difference in our society - in this case her transgender daughter. Rebekah's love for life, and for all people, shines throughout - she never gives up hope, even through the most trying of times - and she not only tenaciously supports her daughter, she also makes space in her life for all families who come to her with similar challenges. She has worked tirelessly and successfully to bring about law reform where it's been necessary. Rebekah is a true champion, and Georgie is a role model for the new generation (she is now appearing on the long-running television series, Neighbours). This inspirational talk will be led by ABC journalist Matt Neal. Free event - bring along your open heart and mind.

You can view the Guardian article here.

The photo which appeared in The Guardian, Saturday 7 September, accompanying Kaya Wilson's article.

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