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April already?

What's on for April at Blarney?

We are continuing with Linda Weil's fabulous exhibition, Grimm Visions, which is a collection of exquisite illustrations inspired by the tales of the Brothers Grimm. This exhibition has had a time extension, and will be on show until 25 April. Highly recommended!

Linda is also offering another TWO illustration workshops in the last weekend of the exhibition, after a very successful workshop at the launch of the show!

Please see our events page if you're interested in enrolling!

LEFT: The Frog Prince by Linda Weil : Froggie's smirk shows that he darn well knows he'll be spending the night in the Princess's bed.

BELOW: Linda presenting her first workshop in March.

Meet Your Makers We are proud to host a Meet Your Makers session at Blarney Books & Art - which is an opportunity to gather the creative community and to talk about the need for Port Fairy to open a new venue for the artists and makers of the South West region. We've lost so many valuable creative spaces over the last few years that it is imperative for Port Fairy to offer a new space if it wants to keep its "creative" reputation.

This will be on Wednesday, April 13 at 5.30 pm, and everyone is welcome. If you have ideas or projects or suggestions you want to share with everyone, please bring them along! Nibbles will be supplied. Drinks at bar prices to fund-raise for the South West Makers Association.

KITTY CULVERT Also running at Blarney Books & Art for April is an exhibition of works by creative duo known as Kitty Culvert. These are new and fabulous creations, built from found objects. On until 25 April as well.


We are thrilled to see that Grimmish by Michael Winkler has finally found itself a publisher, and will be relaunched later this year! We have fourth novel instalments from both Robert Gott and Emma Viskic - each as good and worth your crime-reading-time as the other! I've just finished reading Loveland, the new book by Australian author Robert Lukins. This is a book as much about decay and violence as it is about love and resilience. You can read a review of it here from the wonderful Beejay Silcox.

Please note: we have stopped buying secondhand books at this stage. We still have mountains of them to work through in our back rooms, and we're out of storage space.

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