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Biblio Art Prize 2019

Updated: Aug 6, 2019

Over 100 brave artists have signed up for the Biblio Art Prize 2019 and received their random book titles! This year it's all about more contemporary books, with (all going well) living authors. We are keen to see progress shots of works on social media - or even photos of your assigned books! And for those who haven't yet entered - there is still OOOOOODLES of time to be involved! Images of artworks are not required until the end of October, so there's still a full three months to work on your pieces. Easy to register, and you are welcome to source your assigned book from anywhere - your local bookshop, online or through your library. And the most important part - have fun with it! If you have already signed up, tell us a little about the book you've received and how you feel about it in the comments below!

Some of the books which have already been assigned to Biblio Art entrants!

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Unknown member
Jul 29, 2019

Thanks for the book Jo. And thanks for the deadline - it does help to get something done. I'm very happy with "The Road to Winter" by Mark Smith. It is a great read. It's a fictional story, but could quite possibly be a future reality. That sounds like Sci-Fi-Fantasy to me, so I'm planning my entry to be based on the core idea of the virus, with a science / techno theme. I'm still at an early stage, but have a concept in my head for a sculpture, and have started ordering bits. I'm hoping to make it an interactive art piece!

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