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Biblio Art Prize - Unprecedented

The headline for this email is a well-worn word this year. It's a word which has been bandied about everywhere - we've seen it in every second news report for 2020. But we just had to use it in this case - this year's Biblio Art Prize competition has had an UNPRECEDENTED number of entries! We're not sure if it's a result of our advertising through social media, or because people have been stuck at home and looking for new projects, or word of mouth, but whatever the reason, we are beyond thrilled! And in direct response to your support, we've upped the Storyteller's Prize from $500 to $1500! Thank you for making this possible.

We're also really appreciating the enthusiasm we're hearing from our entrants - we love to hear how much you're enjoying the process of linking the books to an artwork. Of course, not every book allocated is necessarily going to align with your tastes in reading, but those of you who have run with the challenge regardless, I think, are those who will get the most out of it! 

The Biblio Art Prize submission form is now on the website. Please note there is no extra fee for actual submission - the submission forms help us keep track of the entries. We look forward to seeing the amazing works roll in! You can find that link HERE.

Of course you can still enter if you work to deadlines well (there remains another four or five weeks until the actual deadline), so we'll keep the links open for entry as well.

We are putting up images of works-in-progress (not finished pieces yet) on our Instagram as we receive them. 

For all our news and special offers, please subscribe to this website and you'll receive an occasional (roughly monthly, we try to avoid spamming you) - the subscribe button is easy to find on our home page.

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