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Port Fairy Literary Weekend 2022

We are currently hard at work on nailing a program for the second annual Port Fairy Literary Weekend. This will have its own website & program - hopefully to be launched within the week! The dates you need to know are 2nd, 3rd & 4th of September! We have a HUGE program for you with over 30 authors set to come to town! You can subscribe on our landing page - this will notify you as soon as our program is up -

If anyone (eg. restaurants, accomodation providers, small businesses etc.) would like to "sponsor" an event or a particular author, please contact us! We'd love to have the community show their involvement and interest in the weekend!

Well-known publishing industry senior book designer, Chong, has provided us with a spunky new logo! What do you think? Muttonbooks!

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Unknown member
Jul 25, 2022

I think it looks wonderful, but I'm very biased as I love the colour blue, so the new Logo is glowing in my eyes. And with the birds and lighthouse it is SO appropriate for lovely, lovely

Port Fairy. i visited Warrnambald at WAG yesterday and saw your portrait, Jo. Loved it. Some people are so creative! Who would have thought that Sirena tuna cans could look so great.


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