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Rounding up 2019

This has been yet another huge year for Blarney Books & Art. We've had some real highs, and a devastating blow with the death of my father. For those of you who think bookselling sounds like a lovely job where you sit and read books all day - here's a quick round up of the fun we've had this year!

First, a huge THANK YOU to all of the support we've had from everyone. To every person who bought a book, who attended an event, who gave us a great Trip Advisor or Google review, to every kind comment which crossed our desk, to every artist involved in Biblio (even those who didn't get works in), to every author who's been kind, to our book loving community, THANK YOU. We could not exist without any of you.

Special thanks go to Dean & Cathy at the Ashmont Motor Inn, as they've offered considerable support in accomodating our various guests throughout the year! It's the perfect place to stay in town - very comfy and a stone's throw from Blarney. And to the groups that have made an enormous difference to our little business: Port Fairy Folk Festival, Port Fairy Spring Music Festival, Port Fairy Adventure Film Festival, Port Fairy U3A, Port Fairy Women's Weekend, ABC Southwest, Thought Club (Flo Roney), and the Port Fairy Bookworms (Lucy Marshall)! Thank you all for bringing so much energy to Blarney Books & Art. And to Louise North Wine Merchant for her impeccable suggestions and super efficient work in keeping our events stocked with great wines!

We've had the pleasure to host on our stage this year (apologies if we've left anyone out):

Hannah Aldridge, Lachlan Bryan, Nino Bucci, Stefan Cassomenos, Mary Coughlan, Monica Curro, AP D'Antonio, Chris Farrell, Jodie Fleming, Robert Gott, Shane Howard, Pamela Irving, Rosemary Jenkinson, Toni Jordan, Jackie Kerin, Paul Kildare, Tennyson King, Jeremy Lee, Benjamin Lindner, Maya Linnell, Ray Liversidge, Paul Livingston, Anne-Marie Middlemast, Philomena Manifold, Matt Neal, Rebekah Robertson, Jock Serong, Graeme Simsion, Broderick Smith, Georgie Stone, Mick Thomas, Blaise Van Hecke, and Jezza Williams

We've had exhibitions and workshops by the following artists:

Nanette Balchin, Paul Bucci, Berit Hampel, Pamela Irving, Paul Livingston, Peta Lloyd, Jeff Raglus, Craig Smith (brought to us by Customs House Gallery), Tamsien West of Babbling Books, and of course the 70 artists appearing in the BIBLIO ART PRIZE 2019! We've also had a wonderful range of Liz Gannon re-upholstered chairs pass through our shop, Vaughan Brown's tables, Jodi Wiley's prints, and Geordie Allardice's wands.

And a very special mention to two lovely shop interactions:

Melanie (of Woodstock fame), who sang a spontaneous song with local warbler/yodeller Derek. And a lovely conversation with Michael Leunig, who not only knew my natural father but went on to tell me that I have his eyes.

It's been a wonderfully special, and terribly sad, year.

Thank you and best wishes of the Season to you all, from our whole Blarney family. x

My Dad, Russell James Hogg, whose unfailing love, support & encouragement brought Blarney Books & Art into being.

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