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Special Announcement

I know many of you are beginning to wonder when we plan to re-open Blarney to the public. We have made the decision to give ourselves a winter "break" this year, enabling us to take some time for shop repairs and maintenance, and maybe even a bit of a makeover! We will also be spending some time working on the digital side of our business, finessing our event planning, refreshing our stocks, and putting products on to our website over the coming months. If there's anything you see that you'd like to purchase, please contact us through the website, any of our social media channels, or by the old-fashioned dog & bone. We plan to re-open from 3 September 2020. Please note we are not buying secondhand books at this point.

But let's not lose the contact - stay in touch with Blarney through Facebook or Instagram. Subscribe to our website for blog posts. My commitment to books and art, authors and artists, remains strong, and we'll still be reading a lot of great books and wanting to talk about them! If you want to support us in the meantime, gift vouchers (with a two-year shelf life) are always available and we are more than happy to post or hand-deliver them locally.

There will be Biblio Art Prize announcements soon, and other projects, so stay tuned ... and THANK YOU for your support and encouragement all the way!

The creative haven of Port Fairy has lost some of its art galleries lately, including the long-running Whale Bone Gallery, and is screaming out for a community run art space. We hope that this may happen yet. In the meantime, there's an art map available from the Visitor Info Centre which will lead you to every studio and gallery which is currently open and operating in the region.

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