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Top Hits of Summer

Thought I'd share with you our number one sellers for 2021 to date. Every bookshop will have a different list of their top hits - it all depends on locations, events, local bookclubs and - well - just the zeitgeist of the moment. It seems the summer crowd were torn between feeling outdoorsy and a bit murdery this year.

Congratulations to all authors in our Top Ten - and thank you to all who have supported these authors and their events!

  1. RURAL DREAMS by Marg Hickey

  2. WALK LIKE A COW by Brendan Ryan

  3. THE BOY, THE MOLE, THE FOX AND THE HORSE by Charlie Mackesy

  4. THE PORT FAIRY MURDERS by Robert Gott

  5. THE BURNING ISLAND by Jock Serong

  6. DO MUTTONBIRDS HAVE MAPS by Ganga Powell & Eileen Curd

  7. THE HOLIDAY MURDERS by Robert Gott

  8. THE AUTUMN MURDERS by Robert Gott

  9. PRESERVATION by Jock Serong


If you've got authors you'd like to see climb to the top of these lists, you probably ought to come in and buy stacks of their books!

Have you had a favourite read this summer that you think we should be stocking? Add it to the comments below.

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